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BLX Market Data

BLX® is an innovative solution that simplifies and empowers corporate access to market data from world-class providers, optimizing security, transparency, data availability, user productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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BLX Market Data

BLX® works as a firm-wide data broker that centralizes market data requests from internal users and corporate applications, and provides the data in the most efficient way, dealing with the technical processes required by external data providers.

The solution’s Server component safeguards the corporate credentials used to access market data vendors, confirms the identity of internal users authorized to request data, applies customizable data access rules and manages a local copy of all retrieved data in a standard SQL Server® database in order to improve access speed, reduce data costs and provide additional flexibility.

The solution’s Client component is an MS Excel® add-in that allows users to include market data as part of their analysis using simple functions.

"BLX® is registered as part of Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions Partner Program, which means that it can integrate with Bloomberg’s data and technology."
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