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Software DVDS

We offer both live seminars where participants can obtain the Certified in Risk Management (CRM) designation or, for individuals who wish to obtain the knowledge without the designation, a cheaper alternative: the Training DVDs. The information and knowledge contained in the Training DVDs are similar to what is covered in class, but to obtain the CRM designation, participants must attend the live seminars and take the CRM exam.

The Training DVD comprises 12 DVDs and cover the following main topical areas:

Monte Carlo Simulation with Risk Simulator
Forecasting with Risk Simulator
Optimization with Risk Simulator
Real Options Analysis with Real Options Super Lattice Solver
Analytical Tools

As part of the DVD Training set, you will receive 12 DVDs and a workbook with the slides and examples covered in the DVDs. The materials in the DVD follow the Certified in Risk Management curriculum and the two books (sold separately): “Modeling Risk: Applying Monte Carlo Simulation, Real Options Analysis, Forecasting, and Optimization, 2nd Edition,” by Dr. Johnathan Mun (Wiley Finance, 2010), and “Real Options Analysis: Tools and Techniques, 2nd Edition,” by Dr. Johnathan Mun (Wiley Finance 2005), and the relevant training models CD used in the lessons. Download the Training DVD brochure here.

The lessons are developed and taught by Dr. Johnathan Mun, the creator of both the Risk Simulator and Real Options Super Lattice software, professor of finance and economics, author of many books on risk and real options, and CEO of Real Options Analysis, Inc. This is particularly important in terms of consistency and expertise because you learn the course material from the same person who developed the software, wrote the books and consults for major corporations.

In each DVD, there is an introduction to the topics to be covered, as well as learning outcomes for each module. Each DVD is divided into various modules or chapters, as summarized below:


Cover for Advanced Simulation Techniques

Advanced Simulation Techniques