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Executive Summary

Project Economics Analysis Tool (PEAT) 2017

Project Economics Analysis Tool (PEAT) integrates Risk Management analysis on Corporate Investments and Financial Strategies. PEAT helps companies to set up a series of projects or investment options, model their cash flows, simulate their risks, run advanced risk simulations, perform business intelligence analytics, run forecasts, optimise investment portfolios, and generate automatic reports and charts, all within a single easy-to-use integrated software suite.

ROV Lease versus Buy - 2017

ROV Lease versus Buy is linked to Project Economics Analysis Tool (PEAT) to run a lease versus buy analysis. It allows users comparing capital and operating leases with interest payments and tax advantages, valuing lease contracts from the lessees' and lessors' point of views, and generate the complete cash flow analysis to obtain the net advantage to leasing solution in a comprehensive Integrated Risk Management analysis framework.

Risk Management Products and Services

OSL Risk Management is a software, training, and consulting business, specialising in state-of-the-art decision and risk analysis tools and techniques. We help clients to analyse projects and make decisions so that they can identify, quantify, value, hedge, mitigate, and diversify risk, creating new business opportunities.