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Executive Summary

Large-Scale Risk Optimizer (LSRO)

Consultants from Oil and Gas, Electricity, Manufacturing, Mining, Technology and Telecommunications, Logistics, Transportation and Storage, among others, who need to optimise large project, operation strategies, systems, under uncertain environment, Please contact us to access the "LARGE SCALE RISK OPTIMISER (LSRO)". It gives users the ability to quickly run projects selection and investment or project portfolios using linear and nonlinear optimisation (static, dynamic and stochastic) with simulation optimisation, applying discrete integer, binary, and continuous variables subject to multiple constraints, as well as an efficient frontier analysis

ROV Modeller + Optimizer + Valuator

ROV Modeller, Optimizer, and Valuator. It is an integrated IT platform for data modelling, outside of Excel and into the database environment, where end users have the ability to create or directly link their models to databases and large data files, clean the data, and run advanced analytics at very high speeds. Applicable as a desktop software or server-based software.

Risk Management Labs

Risk Management Labs for Education and Research. Scholars, students, and practitioners can develop their skills through access to industry-leading risk management analytics, software and technologies, managed by global companies.

Risk Management Products and Services

OSL Risk Management is a software, training, and consulting business, specialising in state-of-the-art decision and risk analysis tools and techniques. We help clients to analyse projects and make decisions so that they can identify, quantify, value, hedge, mitigate, and diversify risk, creating new business opportunities.

Training Course Catalogue

OSL Risk Management and our corporate partner offer products, training and consulting services to enhance
company decisions, financial investments, project management and risk analysis.