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In his groundbreaking book Real Options Analysis, real options expert Johnathan Mun provided a qualitative and quantitative description of real options, the methods used in solving them, why and when they are used, and the applicability of these methods in the decision-making process. Now, in his latest endeavor–Real Options Analysis Course–Mun sets out to help you truly optimize the use of real options in the decision-making process, through an in-depth discussion of real-world business cases and innovative real options software applications.

Real Options Analysis Course opens with a clear introduction on how to get started with the Real Options Analysis Toolkit (limited edition) included on the companion CD-ROM. Easy-to-follow directions allow you to set up and familiarize yourself with this cutting-edge software, which features seventy different real options functions, thirty-three models, easy-to-use templates, and a powerful graphical interface.

Once you’re up and running, Real Options Analysis Course lays the groundwork for the numerous business cases that will be explored later on in the book. First, you will become familiar with the seven simple stepwise procedures used in setting up and solving a real options problem. Then you’ll receive a refresher course on the basics of financial modeling–Monte Carlo simulation and volatility estimates–as well as the basics of real options, from binomial lattices to state-pricing approaches to solving a European option.

From here, you will receive an executive education on applying real options in a dynamic business environment–through examining some of the most comprehensive series of real options business cases, their inherent problems, and their solutions, which can be solved using the software included on the companion CD-ROM. Some of the cases you will work on include:

  • Option to Abandon
  • Option to Expand
  • Option to Contract
  • Option to Choose
  • Compound Options
  • Barrier Options
  • Basic Black-Scholes with Dividends
  • Stochastic Timing Options
  • Switching Options

Real Options Analysis Course provides a cutting-edge view of evaluating and valuing capital investment strategies by taking into consideration the inherent real options embedded in the strategic decision-making process. Combining expert advice and in-depth business cases with innovative real options analysis software, Real Options Analysis Course will help you identify, prioritize, value, and manage strategic opportunities better than ever before.


"Dr. Mun’s latest book is a logical extension of the theory and application presented in Real Options Analysis. More specifically, the Real Options Analysis Course presents numerous real options examples and provides the reader with step-by-step problem-solving techniques. After having read the book, readers will better understand the underlying theory and the opportunities for applying real option theory in corporate decision-making."

Chris D. Treharne, President, Gibraltar Business Appraisals, Inc.

"This text provides an excellent follow up to Dr. Mun’s first book, Real Options Analysis. The cases in Real Options Analysis Course provide numerous examples of how the use of real options and the Real Options Analysis Toolkit software can assist in the valuation of strategic and managerial flexibility in a variety of arenas."

Charles T. Hardy, PhD, Chief Financial Officer & Director of Business Development, Panorama Research, Inc.

"Most of us come to real options from the perspective of our own areas of expertise. Mun’s great skill with this book is in making real options analysis understandable, relevant, and immediately applicable to the field within which you are working."

Robert Fourt, Partner, Gerald Eve (UK)

"Mun provides a practical step-by-step guide to applying simulation and real options analysis–invaluable to those of us who are no longer satisfied with conventional valuation approaches alone."

Fred Kohli, Head of Portfolio Management, Syngenta Crop Protection Ltd. (Switzerland)