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Brochure and List of Models and Functions

ROV's Comprehensive Brochures

Executive Summary

European Convention in Quantitative Methods and Risk Management

The EURiskConvention is an event organised by the leading companies and institutions worldwide in the management, measurement, analysis and modelling of quantitative information in different business and academic fields. This event has become a key meeting point for professionals, researchers, directors and managers, to learn about the new trends in these topics in the region and share with international experts and local the different approaches, tools and innovations.

On this occasion, the participants will have a unique opportunity to learn about regional and global experiences in quantitative methods and risk management in sectors such as banking, finance, oil and gas, mining, health, defense, government, insurance, infrastructure projects, industry and commerce, among others.

Those who participate in this convention will also have the opportunity to take the CQRM (Certification in Quantitative Risk Management) certification given by Dr. Johnathan Mun, a world authority on the subject, among other globals experts and IIPER Certified Executive Trainers

Modeling Toolkit 2017

A unique technology that comprises over 1100 advanced analytical models, functions and tools, and
about 300 analytical model Excel/SLS templates and example spreadsheets. These cover the areas of risk
analysis, Six Sigma valuation, decision analysis, simulation, forecasting, Basel II and Basel III risk analysis,
debt analysis, credit and default risk, among other statistical models.

Risk Management Products and Services

OSL Risk Management is a software, training, and consulting business, specialising in state-of-the-art decision and risk analysis tools and techniques. We help clients to analyse projects and make decisions so that they can identify, quantify, value, hedge, mitigate, and diversify risk, creating new business opportunities.

Software Brochures

Modeling Toolkit (List of Models and Functions)