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Risk Management for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

Risk Management for SMEs and Entrepreneurs


This webinar offers a straightforward and practical approach to analyse risks in entrepreneurship activities and small companies and provides a general knowledge to identify and quantify some general business risks.

  • Make decisions with risk in mind
  • Understand how pricing your business is affected by uncertainty 
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of your business plans
  • Evaluate investment decisions using NPV and IRR
  • Use general statistical analysis to understand your business

Key Speaker - Dr. Elvis Hernandez-Perdomo

Director of OSL Risk Management with over sixteen years of experience in risk management. Formerly a Central Banker's Economist and Senior Executive Consultant/Trainer at Real Options Valuations Inc. He has participated in several international consulting projects in Latin America, Portugal, Spain, U.S., and the UK, from large companies to SMEs.

PhD in Finance (University of Hull UK) and a PhD in Engineering Science, MSc. in Finance and MSc. in Statistics and Operational Research, with consulting/research interests in Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Decision Analysis, Project Management, Corporate Finance, and Real Options; Certified in Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM), and with academic articles published in international peer-review journals in reliability systems, central banking, engineering, risk analysis, uncertainty, among other aspects.

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