Case Studies

Alternate Uses of Real Estate Development Strategy (Real Options and Monte Carlo Simulation)

Basel II/III Credit Risk and Market Risk

Biopharmaceutical Industry's Manufacturing Flexibility (Real Options)

Boeing Company and the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (Real Options)

Case Study Oil and Gas Lease Negotiations State of California

Convertible Warrants/Protective Puts in Negotiation and Acquisitions (Financial Options)

Credit Risk Analysis in Corporate Restructuring (Simulation and Optimization)

Financial Planning with Simulation (Monte Carlo Simulation)

High-Tech Manufacturing (Real Options and Simulation)

Hospital Risk Management (Simulation and Queuing Theory)

How Real Options Mitigates IT Enterprise Security Risks

IT Information Security Intrusion Risk Management

Integrated Risk Analysis (Real Options, Simulation, Forecasting, Optimization)

Manufacturing in the Automotive Aftermarket (Simulation and Optimization)

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production (Simulation)