CQRM Preparation - Readings and Hands-On Exercises

To best prepare for this course––this is especially important for allowing us to maximize the time focusing on the important concepts and for making sure everyone in the course will have the same theoretical foundation––we will be reviewing some basics of risk analytics and real options in the following video as well as some basic hands-on exercises to get you up to speed and ready to go in the class. We recommend the following steps:

  • Step 1: Please watch the “CQRM PREPARATION VIDEO” for a general overview of the CQRM”
  • Step 2: Please read the getting started chapters enclosed here on the "CQRM Preparation - Readings and Hands-On Exercises". 
  • Step 3: This step is OPTIONAL. Review the enclosed handout for some basic exercises. While we will be working on these basic exercises on Day 1 of the course, going over them now will help you adequately prepare for class (PAGE 43 AND BEYOND).

Looking forward to meeting you in the CQRM training. In the meantime, enjoy the materials and take care.