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CMOL (Basel II/III Credit, Market, Operational Liquidity Risk with Asset Liability Management) Quick Overview

The CMOL software was developed to perform a comprehensive analysis for banks based on Basel II and Basel III requirements on credit, market, operational, and liquidity risks. CMOL takes all of our advanced risk and decision analytical methodologies and incorporates them into a simple-to-use and step-by-step integrated software application suite that is used by small to midsize banks. It simplifies the risk-based Basel requirements and empowers a bank’s stakeholders and decision makers with insights from powerful analytics using simple to interpret results and reports.

Employee Stock Options User Manual

Employee Stock Options Valuation Toolkit

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Real Options Analysis, 2nd Edition Chapter One

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Valuing Employee Stock Options (Under 2004 FAS 123 Requirements)


CQRM Preparation - Readings and Hands-On Exercises

This document provides a general overview of the Certified in Risk Management course that is rapidly approaching. In this CQRM course, we will be covering the detailed concepts of Integrated Risk Management (IRM) techniques, which will include a quantitative Monte Carlo Risk Simulation, stochastic forecasting and predictions, project portfolio selection and optimisation, business intelligence analytics, and strategic real options valuation. This will be a rigorous and detailed course with a lot of hands-on modelling and exercises, and you will leave the course with the capability to run these advanced analytics. During the course, we will also cover several case studies as well as other generic case studies of various multinationals so you can see how these advanced analytics are being used globally

Executive Summary

Certified in Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM)

The CQRM certification includes 4-Day intensive Integrated Risk Analysis workshop, complete the requisite in-class work in Risk Identification, Modelling and Simulation, Integrated Risk Management Process, Analytical Tools, Optimization, Forecasting, Real Options Analysis, and obtain the fully-accredited Certified in Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM) designation offered by the International Institute of Professional Education and Research (IIPER)

Employee Stock Options ESO 2017

It allows decision makers valuing employee stock options (ESO) and their expenses associated using the same software the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) uses to generate its FAS 123R examples and recommendations. ESO helps to combine thousands of assumptions and inputs to compute the fair value per option; for example: share options granted, employees granted options, expected forfeitures per year, share price at the grant date, exercise price, contractual terms (CT), interest rate, and expected volatility, and so forth.

European Convention in Quantitative Methods and Risk Management

The EURiskConvention is an event organised by the leading companies and institutions worldwide in the management, measurement, analysis and modelling of quantitative information in different business and academic fields. This event has become a key meeting point for professionals, researchers, directors and managers, to learn about the new trends in these topics in the region and share with international experts and local the different approaches, tools and innovations.

On this occasion, the participants will have a unique opportunity to learn about regional and global experiences in quantitative methods and risk management in sectors such as banking, finance, oil and gas, mining, health, defense, government, insurance, infrastructure projects, industry and commerce, among others.

Those who participate in this convention will also have the opportunity to take the CQRM (Certification in Quantitative Risk Management) certification given by Dr. Johnathan Mun, a world authority on the subject.

Large-Scale Risk Optimizer (LSRO)

Consultants from Oil and Gas, Electricity, Manufacturing, Mining, Technology and Telecommunications, Logistics, Transportation and Storage, among others, who need to optimise large project, operation strategies, systems, under uncertain environment, Please contact us to access the "LARGE SCALE RISK OPTIMISER (LSRO)". It gives users the ability to quickly run projects selection and investment or project portfolios using linear and nonlinear optimisation (static, dynamic and stochastic) with simulation optimisation, applying discrete integer, binary, and continuous variables subject to multiple constraints, as well as an efficient frontier analysis

Modeling Toolkit 2017

A unique technology that comprises over 1100 advanced analytical models, functions and tools, and
about 300 analytical model Excel/SLS templates and example spreadsheets. These cover the areas of risk
analysis, Six Sigma valuation, decision analysis, simulation, forecasting, Basel II and Basel III risk analysis,
debt analysis, credit and default risk, among other statistical models.

Project Economics Analysis Tool (PEAT) 2017

Project Economics Analysis Tool (PEAT) integrates Risk Management analysis on Corporate Investments and Financial Strategies. PEAT helps companies to set up a series of projects or investment options, model their cash flows, simulate their risks, run advanced risk simulations, perform business intelligence analytics, run forecasts, optimise investment portfolios, and generate automatic reports and charts, all within a single easy-to-use integrated software suite.

Quantitative Data Modeler 2017

The ROV QUANTDATA MODELER (QDM) Software is used for analytical data crunching and modelling (Big Data Miner). It runs in the Windows environment and can be used to link different data warehouses. Users can connect, download and run large datasets at extremely high speeds. This software comes in three separate modules (Data Modeller, Optimiser, and Data Valuator).

ROV BizStats 2017

An applied statistics toolkit that comprises over 170 business intelligence and business statistics methods,
including: charts (2D/3D Area/Bar/Line/Point, Box-Whisker, Pareto, Q-Q, Scatter); distributional fitting
(Akaike, Chi-Square, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Kuiper’s Statistic, among others); generalised linear models
(Logit, Probit, and Tobit); data diagnostics (autocorrelation, ACF/PACF, heteroscedasticity, descriptive
statistics); forecast prediction (ARIMA, Fuzzy Logic, GARCH models), econometric analysis, J/S curves,
neural network, time-series, ANOVA, multivariate analysis, and so forth.


(CMOL) RISK SOFTWARE is an IT solution provided by OSL Risk Management in a joint venture with Real Options Valuation Inc. and developed to perform a comprehensive analysis for banks based on Basel II and Basel III requirements on credit, market, operational, and liquidity risks

ROV Compiler - 2017

This technology compiles and encrypts models with the highest level of security and protection. With the ROV COMPILER, users can compile their existing Excel models into license-controlled executable EXE files. These ROV’s patented methods can be used to encrypt and lock up the intellectual property and mathematical algorithms, and issue hardware-controlled and timed licenses for other users or customers.

ROV Dashboards 2017

ROV DASHBOARDs help companies to create and set companies reports, charts and tables that are highly intuitive to monitor the business and support the decision making process. Dashboards are protected by login and password encryption using a 2048 bits RSA encryption (more powerful and secure than military-strength protection).

ROV ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) 2017

ROV Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a technology provided by OSL Risk Management in a joint venture with Real Options Valuation Inc., to help firms managing risks and creating opportunities while achieving objectives

ROV Extractor & Evaluator - 2017

ROV Extractor & ROV Evaluator software is meant to be used inside of Microsoft Excel 2007 (or newer versions) to extract an existing model into pure mathematical relationships and code such that the model can be run outside of Excel. With this software, all of the business intelligence and relationships are maintained but will no longer be visible to the end-user, allowing the model creator to safely and securely distribute the model without losing control of any intellectual property or company secrets.

ROV Goals Analytics 2017

Goal Analytics allows managers and practitioners estimating, developing and maintaining corporate sales goals. It contains a Web-based SaaS and desktop-based PEAT module, focused on the creation and use of goals for a more accurate and sustainable sales performance (sales forecasting, goal deviations, probability of hitting corporate revenues, ROI, sales pipeline analysis, and other sales-based metrics analysis).

ROV Healthcare Economics 2017

ROV Healthcare Economics (HEAT and REJ) is a technology provided by OSL Risk Management in a joint venture with Real Options Valuation Inc. to run economics and financial analysis on healthcare strategies employer-sponsored healthcare, including insurance companies and public/private health companies.

ROV Knowledge Value Added (KVA) 2017

ROV Knowledge Value Added (KVA) is a technology provided by OSL Risk Management in a joint venture with Real Options Valuation Inc. to model government and non-profit organizations’ projects valuations (Public Sector Analysis), value to society, or intangible value via the Knowledge Value Added methodology.

ROV Lease versus Buy - 2017

ROV Lease versus Buy is linked to Project Economics Analysis Tool (PEAT) to run a lease versus buy analysis. It allows users comparing capital and operating leases with interest payments and tax advantages, valuing lease contracts from the lessees' and lessors' point of views, and generate the complete cash flow analysis to obtain the net advantage to leasing solution in a comprehensive Integrated Risk Management analysis framework.

ROV Modeller + Optimizer + Valuator

ROV Modeller, Optimizer, and Valuator. It is an integrated IT platform for data modelling, outside of Excel and into the database environment, where end users have the ability to create or directly link their models to databases and large data files, clean the data, and run advanced analytics at very high speeds. Applicable as a desktop software or server-based software.

ROV PEAT Oil and Gas 2017

ROV PEAT Oil and Gas performs energy-industry models on analysing the economics of energy reserves and available resources based on uncertainty and risks, as well as generate oil-well–specific type curves and economics. Users can set up multiple projects or capital investment options, model different cash flows, run advanced risk simulations, performs business intelligence analytics, perform forecasting analysis, optimise portfolio management subject to budgetary and qualitative constraints, and generate managerial reports.

ROV Project Management 2017

ROV Project Management managers and analysts drawing project pathways (simple linear vs. complex parallel, and projects recombination), auto-generating project models, entering projects estimates (cost and schedule and their spreads), running risk simulation to determine the probability of cost-schedule overruns, cost-schedule buffers at different probabilities of completion, identify critical path, and implement sensitivity analysis, among other aspects.

ROV Runtime (FREE) for Risk Simulator

It is the FREE* basic runtime version of RISK SIMULATOR 2012 to 2017. In the full version of RISK SIMULATOR, you can set up and run advanced simulations, forecasting, analytics, and optimisation. RUNTIME, however, is a scaled down version that can only run simulations and optimisations on models that have been previously set up using the full version (as general executables).

ROV WebModels 2017

ROV WEB MODELS set of advance analytics software, decision-making models and functions accessible on the Internet using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox browsers. ROV WEB MODELS are purely IT development and consulting projects, where companies can protect their technologies by login and password encryption using a 2048 bits RSA encryption (more powerful and secure than military-strength protection).

Real Options SLS 2017

Standalone software with Excel add-in for analysing and valuing real options, financial options, exotic options and employee stock options. All inputs could be incorporated into custom spreadsheet models, allowing the creation of your own "à la carte" fully customised models, where all the mathematical equations and functions are visible. Consequently, option valuations and results are easier to understand and explain,
allowing users to value financial and real assets, thereby quantifying flexibility and mitigating uncertainty.

Risk Management Labs

Risk Management Labs for Education and Research. Scholars, students, and practitioners can develop their skills through access to industry-leading risk management analytics, software and technologies, managed by global companies.

Risk Management Products and Services

OSL Risk Management is a software, training, and consulting business, specialising in state-of-the-art decision and risk analysis tools and techniques. We help clients to analyse projects and make decisions so that they can identify, quantify, value, hedge, mitigate, and diversify risk, creating new business opportunities.

Risk Simulator 2017

Powerful Excel add-in software used for applying simulation, forecasting, statistical analysis, decision trees, econometric analysis and optimisation in your existing spreadsheet models. Risk Simulator was developed specifically to be incredibly easy to use. For instance, running risk simulations is as simple as 1-2-3 (set an input, set an output, and run); and performing forecasting (e.g. auto-econometrics, GARCH models, stochastic processes, time series, multivariate analysis) relies on simple clicks in the software. Users can effectively focus on analysis, reports and numerical results.

Training Course Catalogue

OSL Risk Management and our corporate partner offer products, training and consulting services to enhance
company decisions, financial investments, project management and risk analysis.

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